About Little Big Runners


Little Big Runners is an endless running adventure game in which you have the ability to grow bigger or become smaller to escape the chasing monster.

Welcome to the world of adventure and exploration! In this game, you have opportunities to explore various different maps with beautiful landscapes and a wonderful atmosphere. However, you will face many obstacles and monsters which want to kill you. Avoid or eliminate all dangerous objects and collect as many diamonds as possible. The special thing in the endless running game is the supernatural power of the character. Your character can change your body size to fight opponents. Guide the little or big character to overcome all traps, obstacles, and monsters to get the highest score. Good luck!

Features of Little Big Runners

  • Addictive gameplay
  • Various challenges and obstacles
  • Beautiful graphics and effects
  • Collect gems and unlock new character's skins

How to play

  • Space bar or up arrow to jump, press twice to do a double jump (small size)
  • Ctrl or left mouse button or down arrow to toggle size