About Merge Cakes


Merge Cakes is a very addicting game. You will be the owner of a food shop where you must create the most unusual and unusual desserts to surprise your customers.

Based on the fundamental idea that matching two cakes of the same type will result in an improved cake, this addictive game builds up and engulfs you in a wave of satisfaction. You'll discover unexpected gifts, paid advertisements to enhance those gifts, upgraded cakes you can buy, new, exotic recipes, hidden bakeries, and much more. In addition to all of this, the game continues to run even when you are offline, ensuring that rewards are always waiting for you when you come back. Are you prepared for this tasty adventure?

How to play:

The following dish on the menu, a set of shortcrust pastry treats, can be made by joining two cookies together. In order for customers to rush into the pastry shop without stopping, we need to keep going in the same direction and broaden the selection of desserts. You can gradually raise the level of the table by adding new pastries and cakes, and you can also make room for more plates so that you can arrange cupcakes on them.