About Microlife


Welcome to Microlife, an interesting arcade game in which you take care of your very own Micro! In this game, you must feed your Micro tasty food to help it grow large and powerful. However, if you run out of cash, your Micro may go hungry!

You'll need to use your mouse to left-click and drag food towards your Micro as you go through the game. Every time you feed your Micro successfully, it will grow a little larger and stronger. However, don't overfeed it or it will get ill!

You'll need to earn money by accomplishing different challenges and chores to keep your Micro healthy and happy. Spend your hard-earned money on delightful food for your Micro to ensure it never gets hungry.

And if you ever run out of money, don't worry: simply click on the eggs to gather them and swap them for cash. You can help your Micro develop into a strong and healthy creature that will provide you delight for years to come with a little bit of planning and a lot of love.

So, what are you holding out for? Come play Microlife now and feel the rush of taking care of your very own Micro!