About Mineworld Horror


Mineworld Horror invites you to participate in one of the most exciting horror adventures ever! You have to fight against the monsters to escape from the fear.

Try out Mineworld Horror, a horror and story game. A charming character from the world of Minecraft is trapped in a vast mansion with many rooms in a terrifying place and needs your assistance to escape. However, take caution because there are many monsters in this area ready to devour you whole!

You'll get one step closer to death in the latest chapter of Mineworld Adventures. You only have one goal to pursue in this horror game, and that is to live. You'll encounter numerous demons who have sworn to chop off your head, but don't be alarmed. There are two game modes in the game: shooter mode and escape mode. Finding your way out of the mansion and eluding the monsters are the main objectives of the escape mode. This game mode offers three varying degrees of difficulty. If you ever manage to find the weapon on the easy mode, you can defend yourself. In the shooting mode, you have to kill the monsters before they come after you.

How to Play:

  • Mouse 1 : fire weapon
  • Mouse 2 : raise sights
  • C : toggle camera mode
  • W, S, A, D : move player
  • Left Shift : sprint
  • Left Ctrl : crouch
  • X : prone Space : jump
  • F : use item
  • R : reload
  • H : holster weapon
  • G : throw grenade
  • T : enter bullet time
  • Esc or Tab: Pause