About Money Rush


Money Rush is a fantastic arcade game. In this game, your mission is to increase the number of coins you have and invest after converting them to dollars.

The game gives you a lot of interesting missions. Your first task is to make your coins multiply by controlling the coin on the way to go through walls with addition and multiplication to increase money and avoid walls with calculations like subtracting and dividing. The number of coins you have will go to the end of the line and be converted into dollars. You will control the stickman character to bring that money to invest in different stores. There are many shops here such as cafes, donuts, hot dogs, supermarkets, etc. You need to control your acquaintances to profit from those stores. Continually invest in all stores for even more money.  The stores in the back will require more investment than the shops in the front. So collect as many coins as possible. 

Upgrade new skins to be able to win more coins. You can enhance the value of coins with different types of currencies. Each coin has another denomination. Or you can also watch ads to get new skins for your character. Be a wise investor. Good luck.

Features of Money Rush

  • Various tasks include coin control, coin collection, currency exchange, and investment.
  • Many shops for investment, such as coffee shops, fast food restaurants, cinemas, etc.
  • Can upgrade and buy new skins.
  • Single-player.

How to play

Use the mouse to control.