About Monkey Mart


Monkey Mart is an entertaining simulation game featuring a charming monkey. In the game, you make money by managing a store and attempting to increase its size.

You play the role of an adorable monkey that has just lately assumed charge of a supermarket in the excellent management simulation game known as Monkey Mart. In the game, it is your responsibility to run the grocery store and make it more appealing to potential clients so that more people will shop there. If you love shooting games, then Combat Reloaded will be a great choice for you.

How to play

You will have to travel from station to station in order to plant crops like bananas and corn and then return to harvest them when they are ready. You need to display your wares so that customers may decide what they want to buy from you. After making their selections, the customer will wait for you at the cash register so that you may complete the transaction and collect payment. As you continue to make progress, you will be able to gain access to additional things that you can sell. You can make your own character more powerful and add an additional room to plant and cultivate fruit if you play the game Monkey Mart, which makes the gameplay more realistic and entertaining. In order to ensure that daily operations at your company run more smoothly, you can also hire new employees. The larger your grocery store, the greater the number of shoppers you have to make room for. Your company will be able to become more diversified because of the numerous additional features that may be unlocked, such as breeding, milking cows, popcorn machines, ice cream, and so on. Because everything is ready and waiting for you to discover it, why don't you just hit the play button right now and have some fun?


To control where the monkey goes, the player can use the WASD or arrow keys on their keyboard. You are not restricted in any way in your movement, and the monkey will move in a light, hopping motion as it follows you around.