About Ninja Hands


Ninja Hands is a role-playing ninja game. Ninja Hands lets you learn new combos, power up, and customize your ninja. It's time to play the ninja role now!

Ninja Hands is a casual game in which you must use your powerful ninja skills to defeat all of your enemies using only your two hands. To accomplish this, you must choose the best arm position for fighting off your enemies and staying alive.

Become the ultimate ninja

To launch different attacks, use various button combinations. You have a variety of weapons at your disposal, including a samurai sword and fireballs.

Upgrade your abilities

Leveling up your moves will make your Ninja Hands more potent in the skills menu. You now have new animations and more powerful firepower with your upgraded skills.

Use bonuses for a temporary buff

You have two options for a bonus at the start of every round. These in-game boosts can take the form of anything from a turkey carrying TNT to a bear guardian who aids in driving away the bad guys.


  • QWER = launch spells.
  • T or Y = special spell.
  • Hold the left mouse button = to move the direction.
  • Left-click = use in-game buttons.