About Noob Escape: One Level Again


Noob Escape: One Level Again is a great adventure game. Play as Noob to avoid dangerous obstacles and find a real key to escape from the prison.

Noob wants to get out of the prison to defeat Cheater. Can you help him? Your mission is to control Noob to move around the prison room to find a key to open the door. There is only a real key, so you have to guess which one is real. Be careful with the spikes and the lava in the room. You will die if you unexpectedly touch them or fall into the lava. However, don’t worry. You will immediately revive after dying. The Cheater will appear on some levels. Be wary of him. It is a good idea to stay away from him. Do your best to escape from the prison successfully to move on to the next level.

This game features 100 levels with varying degrees of difficulty. Play it every day to beat all the levels.

Features of Noob Escape: One Level Again

  • 100 levels with different degrees of difficulty
  • Easy controls
  • Simple 2D pixel graphics and thrilling sound effects

How to play

Press a W key or SPACEBAR to jump

Press ARROW KEYS or WASD keys to move