About Noob vs Pro 2 Jailbreak


Noob vs Pro 2 Jailbreak is a funny adventure game in which you have to help Noob and Pro to escape from prison and kill the zombies and the hacker.

Noob and Pro 2 are imprisoned in the toughest jail in the world. However, zombies attacked the jail. All of the prison officers and prisoners, except for Noob and Pro 2, were bitten and turned into zombies. Noob and Pro 2 can’t stay here anymore. They want to escape from this jail. Can you help them?

Your mission is to ride a cart of Noob or control Pro 2 to leave the tunnel. Don’t hesitate to crush any obstacles and the zombies wandering around the prison. The energy is limited. Try to run as far as possible before you run out of energy. Try your best to earn as much money as possible to upgrade your speed, energy, and weapons. You will meet a hacker after escaping successfully from prison. Try to kill him. After the polices realize that Noobs and Pro 2 escaped, they will look for these two criminals. Help Noobs and Pro 2 to run through the beach, desert, and forest to evade the polices. Do your best!

This game can be played by one, two, three, or even four players. Invite your friends to play Noob vs Pro 2 Jailbreak now.

Features of Noob vs Pro 2 Jailbreak

  • Funny storyline
  • Multiple maps
  • Easy control
  • Excellent 2D pixel graphics and energetic music tunes

How to play

Press ARROW KEYS or SPACEBAR to move

Or use the mouse to press buttons on the screen to move