About Nood Vs Pro 1


Nood Vs Pro 1 is an exciting action game. In the game, your task is with your partner to defeat all other enemies to win as many bonuses as possible.

You will transform into a Pro character and come with your best friend Nood to discover and defeat all those who are trying to destroy your achievement. The plot must include the Hacker coming and taking away the gold apples. He is arrogant and arrogant. He challenged the limits of both of you. Nood feels infuriated because Hacker stole apples. So, Pro and Nood explore together and try to find the Hacker.

Before finding the Hacker, you have to go through the survival wars with the Hacker's subordinates. They were numerous and always guarded carefully. All of them will come to you any time they can. In order not to get hurt, you must use your sword to knock them all down.

Every time you defeat an enemy, you will receive dollars as a reward. Use them to upgrade your power, weapons, and speed. However, the cost of these items will increase with the number of times you buy them. Make as much money as possible to make Pro character solid and survive to find the evil Hacker.

Sound and image of Noob Vs Pro 1

  • Vivid sound creates a realistic feeling for you. This is a great plus for the game. The fun sounds of headphones attract you more, so you no longer feel bored or feel the space is too quiet.
  • The next plus point for the game is the image. The images are meticulously crafted. Each color chosen is very suitable for the game. The scenery around the character is also very eye-catching, and the game context is excellent.
  • Each game screen has a different scene.

How to play

"WASD" to move.

The Space bar to use weapons.