About Papa's Burgeria


Papa's Burgeria walks you through the fundamentals of flipping burgers and making money. Take your first order and follow the instructions on the screen.

Papa's Burgeria has returned! Papa's Burgeria is once again playable in your web browser for free thanks to Flash emulation. Papa has given you the keys to his renowned burger-making business. Now you have to take orders, fry the burgers, and assemble them! Make Papa Louie happy by being a good burger flipper.

Flip the burgers with passion

You can learn the fundamentals of flipping burgers and making money from Papa's Burgeria. Take your first order and adhere to the on-screen directions. Before finishing the burger with tomatoes, onions, sauces, seeded buns, and other beloved burger ingredients, you'll take the order and fry the patty.

Manage your time

You'll meet new customers with more intricate orders as the levels advance. Furthermore, there will be more customers. To get the best ratings and tips from your clients, you must balance your commitments and learn the best times to work.

Buy upgrades

Papa insists that you spend the tips on restaurant improvements rather than on your own leisurely pursuits. Following the completion of each level, you have the choice to purchase upgrades. The store offers a television to help shorten customer wait times, lamps to keep hamburgers warm, and many other things you can spend your hard-earned money on.

Snoop on your clientele

All of Papa's most valued clients are profiled. To view the specific preferences of your devoted patrons, look in the customer book.


  • Left-click to interact with the items.