About Papa's Sushiria


Papa's Sushiria is the thirteenth installment in the Papa Louie restaurant management game series. Get in the game and take care of your customers.

When you smash the lucky cat statue outside the store, your tour of Papa Louie's new restaurant is derailed. Is this to blame for the mediocre opening day of the restaurant? You are left in charge of Papa's Sushiria when Papa Louie departs on a quest to locate a new statue, where you must perfect the art of sushi making! Using the "Sushi Square" pot, cook, season, and spread the rice on nori and soy paper. Roll the sushi in the filling before coating it and drizzle it with the sauce. Before serving your hungry customers, cut the sushi into bite-sized pieces and make a delicious Bubble Tea to go with their orders. Sakura Bay celebrates various holidays throughout the year, and as you begin making delicious festival-ready sushi and tea, you'll unlock new seasonal ingredients.

How to play

Get a job at a sushi restaurant and start serving customers right away! Make the best makes and nigiri in town to grow your business. Pick the best ingredients, prepare them correctly, and satisfy everyone!