About Parkour Race


Parkour Race is an amazing running game. Your mission is to control your stickman and race against the crowd to be the first to the finish line.

You will help the stickman run through all his opponents and pass the level. Stickman can run, dash or jump from terrace to terrace. All actions are automatic, so you just need to control him to run left or right. You need to be strategic and plan ahead about the path you intend to run through. You should choose the nearest direction and the least need to climb the fence to avoid losing time. So you have more chances of becoming a winner. Your opponents run very fast and they do not stop rushing forward. You just accomplish the level by being the first to finish the track. Break a leg!

Run over glowing speed bumps to gain momentum and perform flips and flips to show off your style. There are daily challenges you need to face. You can also buy glamorous accessories for you to create your very own stickman. Through each level, you get more gold coins from which to buy accessories for your character. Be the coolest and fastest stickman.

Features of Parkour Race

  • The shop sells many different stickmen.
  • Beautiful characters, outstanding track with many different obstacles.
  • There are many levels to play.
  • The game is highly competitive, in order to pass the level, the player needs to defeat all opponents.

How to play

A or left arrow key to move left 

D or right arrow key to move right