About Pongis Run


Pongis Run is an addictive battle game. Your mission is to collect the gold dots to earn points. Move faster than your opponents to become a winner!

This game is a basic time-killing game inspired by the game Pongis. To earn points, run around and consume gold blobs. You must be quick because your AI opponent will try to consume the gold blobs before you can. Superpowers are granted by special power blobs. You can shrink, temporarily blind, or even freeze your opponent, as well as get super quick or super-size yourself. Your opponent becomes smarter and faster as you progress through the levels.

Pongis Run is suitable for all ages. You can consider the game as a great way to relax and release stress.

Features of Pongis Run

  • Addictive battle game
  • Simple and competitive gameplay
  • Cool graphics and effects

How to play

  • Use the arrow keys to move. Up key is for speed. Use the right and left keys to turn.