About Poppy Survive Time: Huggy Wuggy


Poppy Survive Time: Huggy Wuggy is one of the best new horror survival games with 3D adventure elements. Searching for objects and products to unlock the box

You visited a shuttered toy factory in search of the enigmatic Poppy Doll. You have five days left. Watch out for Huggy Wuggy! He is always aware of your every sound! Maintain as much silence as you can! To get to the doll, you must find precise items that will enable you to open the box containing her. The shooting mode is another option if you want to get back at Huggy Wuggy. Your safety and good fortune will depend on the decision you make! You must move quickly and conceal to avoid being discovered by the terrifying Huggy in order to accomplish your objective in each of the game modes.

To locate the enigmatic Poppy Doll, you visit the closed toy factory. Five days remain. Huggy Wuggy, beware! You can hear him, so be as silent as you can! You need to locate particular objects that will enable you to open the box containing the doll in order to obtain her. You can also select the firing mode to exact retribution on that nasty Huggy Wuggy. You have a choice! Good fortune!

How to play

  • Use the WASD keys, mouse, F, C, R, G, and T keys.