About Push Push Cat


You are given a noble mission to rescue a cat trapped in Push Push Cat! You need to capture the movement of blocks strategically to find a way to free the cat. This puzzle game rewards logical thinking and problem-solving skills. Best of luck as you employ your wit and determination to successfully liberate the cat from its predicament.

There are a lot of obstacles

In your quest to rescue the cat, you will encounter various obstacles in the form of blocks blocking the cat's path. It's important to note that the box containing the cat cannot be moved horizontally, it can only be pulled forward or backward. Therefore, your task is to strategically clear the path by removing all the blocks and finding the optimal route to proceed. The blocks come in different shapes and lengths, presenting a multitude of challenges that require careful consideration and problem-solving skills.

Use strategic thinking wisely

To displace the blocks from their original positions, simply click and drag the mouse to pull them. The maze's space is limited, preventing you from moving all the blocks simultaneously with ease. Therefore, take your time to carefully ponder and devise a suitable plan to navigate through the maze, considering the constraints and challenges presented. With strategic thinking and a well-thought-out approach, you'll overcome the obstacles and successfully manipulate the blocks to achieve your goal.

Begin your noble mission by rescuing the cat from a park setting. As you progress and successfully conquer specific levels, you will unlock various new stages, each with its own distinct backdrop. Traverse through streets, ruins, cafes, and many more captivating locations as you advance. Enjoy the opportunity to play the game amidst a plethora of unique and immersive backgrounds, offering a diverse and engaging experience throughout the different stages.