About Raft Wars


Raft Wars is a level shooting game created by Martijn Kunst in which you and your brother Simon must defend their treasures from various enemies!

In this game of Raft Wars, aid Simon in protecting his treasure from pirates. One day, Simon was playing in the sand when he found some diamonds. After hearing about him in the news, pirates from all over the world are eager to battle for his booty! Simon is determined to defend his legitimately earned treasure with the assistance of his young brother and dog. This game of aim and shoot looks deceivingly simple, but it can be challenging to play. To begin, choose the angle by dragging your mouse. Then click and drag the mouse up and down to choose the strength. The object of the game is to use tennis balls or other items you've acquired to knock out each of your opponents. They will make their aim in response to each turn you take. Before the pirates eliminate Simon and his younger brother, you must eliminate the pirates. After you defeat the first group of pirates, you can advance to the next level, which contains additional foes like Vikings. After finishing each level, you can buy upgrades with your cash. In this game of sea warfare, upgrades can help you acquire better weapons and rafts to protect your loot.

Controls: Mouse.