About Rhino Rush Stampede


Rhino Rush Stampede is an exciting running game in which you have to run as far as possible by using your jump and dash skills. Collect stars and power-ups.

In this game, you transform into a little Rhino character to explore and overcome all obstacles on the way. In the beginning, your character is still small. Let's run and collect fruits and stars to become bigger while avoiding all obstacles. It would be best if you run as long as possible to get the highest score. This game will record your distance and follow your best new best run. Try and see your advancement.

Besides that, collect ables to become stronger. Collect fruit to spend at shaman's corner. Collect star pieces to unlock new items. Then, dash into these to receive instant power-ups. Good luck!

Features of Rhino Rush Stampede

  • Exciting gameplay
  • Unlock new items and get power-ups
  • Record your best run

How to play

  • Use up arrow key to jump
  • Use down arrow key/ right arrow key/ space to dash

You can also use the left and right mouse buttons.