About Rocket Bot Royale


Rocket Bot Royale is a multiplayer tank game. Shoot other players, collect coins, and outlive them. Join the game with friends with many attractive features!

An intriguing new battle royale game is called Rocket Bot Royale. By participating in the game, you will encounter difficulties with potent Robo-Tanks that can scale walls, launch rockets, and fire artillery. The ultimate objective is to outlast your adversaries in a hectic gunfight. Upgrade your weapons, gather coins, stay out of the rising water, and try to be the last person standing.


Engage in epic tank battles.

  • Use your cannon to move your tank around the island. Fight for your life after landing on a rock with its own center of gravity. Take the rewards from other tanks' destruction.

Accumulate gold coins and gems.

  • To increase your gold and gem supply, engage in more addictive Rocket Bot Royale battles. Additionally, you can purchase gold from the store and earn extra gold by watching advertisements.

Begin with a benefit.

  • Use your gold to purchase perks and equipment before you join a game. A level 1 player receives four standard upgrades, each of which is good for the entire game.

Accomplish goals

  • To level up, complete every objective on your goals list. Prior to the start of the game, leveling up grants you access to better perks and weapons, such as rapid-fire, shield, extra ammo, and more. Green gems can also be used to hasten this procedure.


  • Use A/D or arrow keys to move left or right
  • Move mouse = aim
  • Left-click = shoot