About Run Ronaldo Run


Run Ronaldo Run is an exciting running game based on the soccer theme. Your mission is to control Ronaldo overcome fast foods to keep the ball.

Welcome to the world of soccer where two arch-rivals, Brazilian player Ronaldo and Control the great Brazilian player Ronaldo and Argentine Hernan Crespo, join. Your mission is to assist Ronaldo in defeating Crespo by maintaining the ball as long as posible. There's one minor difference: you're in charge of Ronaldo in his latter years, when he's gained some weight!

You need to control Ronaldo to dodge fast food such as snacks and drinks. If you fail and he takes any of these tempting foods, he will become tired and slow down. As a result, Crespo will take the ball away from him.You may gather golden boots to improve the renowned striker's speed and give him a quick burst of acceleration.

Features of Run Ronaldo Run 

  • Fun and addictive gameplay
  • Various obstacles such as snacks and drinks
  • Two popular players: Ronaldo and Crespo

How to play

  • Up/Down arrows to jump or duck
  • Click above/Click below to jump or duck