About Sausage Run


Sausage Run is an entertaining running game in which you have to control a sausage boy to run as fast as and avoid many dangerous obstacles and traps.

Are you ready to participate in the most dangerous race in the world with a sausage boy? Your objective is to run as fast as possible. Be aware of deadly obstacles and traps such as buzzsaws, hammers, knives, sinks, and so on. Control a sausage boy to lean back to avoid them. Remember to collect as many coins as possible to purchase new skins and hats in the shop.

This game offers 3 modes including Levels, Survival, and Race. For a Race mode, you have to race with other players over the world. Do your best to be the first to cross the finish line. If you choose a Survival mode, attempt to overcome obstacles and survive as long as possible. For a Levels mode, you have to run to the finish line to level up. Good luck!

Features of Sausage Run

  • 3 modes including Levels, Survival, and Race
  • A variety of skins and hats to unlock
  • Easy control
  • Cute 3D graphics and lively music tunes

How to play

Use the mouse to control