About Stickman Simulator: Final Battle


The stickmen are going to battle. This conflict is intense. It is necessary that you strengthen your defense and outnumber your adversaries. Let's start by adding a ton of stickman. You'll get additional stickmen if you take out your rivals. Build your own army to combat opponents that are pink.

There will be several matches, so be sure to plan beforehand and make the right arrangements. Swordsmen and archers working together may win more. Archers are needed for long-range battle; swordsmen are needed for close-quarters fighting. aiming to triumph. You may increase the number of stickmen in your army by having more gold.

Playing advice for the game:

To determine the strength of both sides, consider your own and your opponent's health. Don't worry if you lose a match; based on your earnings, you may change members with significant influence. Gain more gold and bolster your squad with capable players.

How to play

To play the game, use your mouse or touch screen.