About Swingers


Don't hesitate - dive into the thrilling Swingers experience! Experience moments of pure entertainment as you begin your swing to the finish line. Swingers is a simple yet engaging game that puts your reflexes to the test. Take control of a square block and guide it safely to the end. Your objective is to help the square block navigate its way by clinging to walls and propelling itself into the air. However, be cautious as you encounter various obstacles such as spikes and fireballs. These hazards are scattered throughout the course, demanding utmost care to avoid any contact. A single collision with an obstacle will result in immediate defeat. Stay focused, exercise precision, and navigate through the treacherous path to emerge victorious.

Control Instructions

Simply left-click to exert control over your square block, propelling it towards the wall with a swinging motion.

Don't forget to collect the gems

As you make progress towards the finish line, keep an eye out for gems along the way. Gathering these precious gems will enable you to unlock new and exciting characters. The game's store offers a wide array of intriguing characters, and unlocking them is a thrilling experience as it occurs randomly. Amass an abundance of gems to unlock and enjoy your favorite character from the diverse selection available.