About Tall Man Run


Tall Man Run is a fun running game. Your task is to make the stickman become larger to overcome obstacles and fight the big enemy at the end of the track.

You will control the stickman running on the track. You will see many boards appear. Those boards can increase your height or make you bigger, but they can also decrease it. Pass by signs that add or multiply your height and width. Dodging or jumping over the boards causes you to get shorter. In addition, obstacles like barricades also make you shrink. The higher the level of play, the more obstacles there are. To beat the big guy at the end of the track, you have to try to make your stickman as big as possible. When you cross all the barriers, and your stickman still retains its shape, you can defeat it. On the other hand, if you can't get past all the obstacles, you will not get to the opponent. But you have done a great job completing the race and getting diamonds.

The number of diamonds will help you buy new outfits for your character. Let's collect as many diamonds as possible. In addition, if you complete the levels, you will receive new items and new accessories. Be a true runner and pass the levels.

Features of Tall Man Run

  • There are many levels for you to try.
  • The number of obstacles increases gradually at high levels.
  • The shop sells many new outfits.
  • Complete the level to receive the new items and accessories.

How to play

Use the mouse to move.

Use the Space bar to jump.