About Tap My Water


With a series of pipes scattered everywhere in Tap My Water. You need to connect the water source to the tank and collect the meters along the way. The city's pipes are in disarray, causing a disruption in the water supply to the tanks. Your mission is to strategically rearrange the pipe parts to restore the water flow and advance through each level. Keep an eye on the ticking clock! How many levels can you conquer within the given time? Wishing you the best of luck in this exciting challenge!


Use the mouse to play.

Your objective in Tap My Water

In this intriguing puzzle game, your objective is to connect the scattered pieces of pipes from the water source to the tank. Instead of attempting to connect all the pipes together, focus solely on creating a continuous path between the starting point and the endpoint. Visualize the water source as the initial point and the tank as the ultimate destination. Carefully examine the adjacent pipe sections and piece them together to form an unbroken pipeline from the beginning to the end. Stay observant, strategize your moves, and construct a complete pipe network to successfully channel the water from its source to the awaiting tank.