About The Island of Momo


The Island of Momo is a 3D survival shooting game. Explore the island to gather more ammo, fight the monsters, and survive as long as you can.

Disaster happens as you are getting ready for bed in your room. You find yourself suddenly lost on Momo's island. Find weapons and ammo around the island, engage Momo and his pals in combat, and try to survive as long as you can

A 3D survival shooter game is called The Island of Momo. When you were in your bedroom, you were abruptly sent to a mysterious island, where you had to fight off terrible momo, other zombies, and other dangerous creatures. Just manage to stay alive in this terrible environment where the sounds of the hungry and the night's shadows will make your hair stand on end and cause fear to overtake your body. Shoot them all, and try to hang on as long as you can by gathering health and ammunition on the constricted island. You find yourself stuck on the island of Momo and its hideous minions. You must battle the creatures, locate more ammo, and try to survive as long as you can.


WASD for walking, CTRL for crouching, Left Click for shooting, Right Click for aiming, Space for jumping, Shift for running R uses an item, G uses a grenade, and H uses a weapon.