About This Is Your Life Now


A fascinating and thought-provoking game, "This Is Your Life Now" transports players through many phases of life. Because of the decision-based gameplay of the game, each player may create a different narrative arc for their character by making decisions that affect their experiences and consequences.

The game offers distinct possibilities and difficulties at every period of life, from infancy to old age, and is designed around these phases. The decisions that players make about their schooling, careers, relationships, and personal growth might result in a variety of plotlines and consequences.

"This Is Your Life Now" is an interactive narrative game that encourages players to consider the effects of their choices and the passing of time as they go through the levels. The brief gameplay is ideal for short gaming sessions since it is intended to be finished in a reasonable period of time.

The replayability of the game is one of its distinctive aspects. Playing the game again and again allows players to experiment with alternative life pathways and see how their decisions affect the results.

All things considered, "This Is Your Life Now" is a simple yet effective game that teaches players the value of making decisions and the influence those decisions may have on our life. Players will probably remember this engaging and thought-provoking game long after they have done playing it.

How to play

Move : Arrows or wasd or zqsd
Jump : Space
Buy stuff : Space

Gamepad (XBOX pads at least) :
Move : left stick
Jump : A
Buy Stuff : A