About Timeless Runners


Timeless Runners is an exciting running adventure game in which you have to control a caveman to overcome obstacles and proceed to the modern world.

This game is a fantastic game through-the-age running game. As a caveman in a prehistoric age, you need to run and exist with a goal to be an astronaut in a futuristic age. You have to run unstoppably to move to the next period of human. Dodge all dangerous obstacles and collect gold coins. You can use earned coins to buy powerup upgrades to make your adventure more easily. After each race, you can follow the game leaderboard to check your position. If you are a newbie, you can restart the game to practice until your name appears on the leaderboard. If you are a master, show your skills and bravery through the highest score on the leaderboard.

Features of Timeless Runners

  • Time travel adventure game
  • Exciting and attractive game
  • Various obstacles
  • Record the highest score on the leaderboard

How to play

  • W or up arrow key to jump (hold down to increase time in the air)
  • D or right arrow to attack
  • S or down arrow to slide
  • Space bar to restart (in the Game Over scene)