About Unfair Mario 2


Unfair Mario 2 is an adventure game where you must control Mario to hop over all obstacles and traps on the route and attack the creatures to earn points.

Your ultimate goal is to reach the destination to complete the level. To kill the creatures, use the up arrow to leap over or on them. To travel forward and backward, use the right and left arrows. Thousands of lethal traps materialize unexpectedly as you approach them. You can look at roadside guidance signs to learn about potential hazards and where you should go. You may acquire speed and jump higher and further. Furthermore, you may leap over or on creatures to kill them. You will receive specified points for each kill. When playing the game, keep an eye out for weak blocks that might fall with a single touch.

There are five levels to complete in the game. Each level has a long path that you must traverse. When your character dies at the last checkpoint, you must travel through checkpoints to replay. Children may use the game to unwind thanks to its appealing visuals and simple controls. The game will not disappoint you.


  • Graphics that are appealing
  • Pass the previous level to get access to the subsequent levels
  • Play the game for free on our website

How to play

Drop discs by clicking the mouse.