About Vex 3


Vex 3 is the third in the series of Vex games. The game has many unexpected turns, and each level requires navigating a labyrinth of hazardous obstacles and traps.

How to Play Vex 3
You must complete each act in order to proceed into Vex 3. This includes avoid the lethal traps and devices dispersed across each level. If you are hit by one of these lethal contraptions, you will be returned to the nearest checkpoint. Then you must figure out how to overcome the issue you are experiencing.


  • The gameplay is difficult but addictive.
  • A variety of puzzles to solve Bonus levels and achievements to track your progress
  • There are ten basic levels and nine extra challenge acts.


To move, use the arrow keys or WASD. Climb up walls by jumping from side to side. By standing on their act block and using the down arrow key, you can play new acts. Purple blocks are fragile and will collapse if you step on them. Orange blocks are extremely bouncy and are ideal for jumping high into the air! When you die, you can always restart from the most recent checkpoint in the game.