About Vex 5


Vex 5 is a challenging parkour game in which you have to control a stickman to overcome formidable obstacles to reach checkpoints and level up.

Are you a fan of the Vex series adventure game? Now, the fifth edition of the Vex series - Vex 5 has launched with new challenges. Your mission is to control your stickman to run, jump and slide to avoid various risky obstacles and traps such as saw blades, spikes, water pools, and so on. Be careful with every step because some obstacles move continuously. Jump side to side to climb on the super-high walls. Jump as far as possible to overcome the deep gaps between the two walls. Don’t forget to reach all checkpoints on the road to save your progress and move on to the next level. Don’t forget to collect a hidden star in every Act.

This game may be hard for you to play. Give it your best shot!

Features of Vex 5

  • Includes 9 Acts and the Vexation
  • Many dangerous traps and obstacles
  • Simple graphics and a listenable soundtrack

How to play

Press W-A-S-D keys or ARROW KEYS to move, jump and slide.

Press an R key to restart the level