About Zuma Mystic India


Are you ready to join this exciting puzzle-solving adventure in the mystical world of Zuma Mystic India? Test your strategy-making skills now! Prepare to be enchanted by the game's attractive graphics, featuring an array of colorful balls. As you embark on this puzzle-solving adventure, you'll find yourself in the cultural backdrop of India, with its vibrant traditions and unique atmosphere. Keep an eye out for the majestic gray elephant that accompanies you on your journey.


To control the direction of the balls, simply swipe the mouse in the desired direction. Once you've aimed correctly at a group of identical balls, click the left mouse button to shoot and make your match.

How do you play Zuma Mystic India?

Balls will appear on a string, and your trusty elephant carries balls as well. Your objective is to shoot these balls at the string, aiming to create matches of three or more balls of the same color to pop them. You can use the ball on the elephant to identify matching balls. To change the color of the ball you're about to shoot, simply touch the elephant. Keep in mind that you can earn extra points for creating chains, combos, and collecting coins. However, remember that time is limited. If the timer runs out or the balls reach the end of the string, the game is over.