About Rolling Ball 3D


Rolling Ball 3D is a fantastic running game in which you must control a ball and roll it as far as possible in order to level up and gather many diamonds.

Inhale deeply and be ready to take part in the rolling ball contest right now! You will compete in city races in this game. vibrant 3D cities. But this city has something unique. There are several buildings in the city. These structures, however, are not your typical buildings. Neon blocks make up their structure. Only photos of block structures are seen. You'll feel brand-new after that. They resemble modern cities. Using digital technology, where you reside. These are cities that you might or might not enjoy. But there is a distinct sensation of newness that you might experience. If you find this game interesting, why don't you what about checking out other more exciting games such as Crossy Road, Backrooms, Four In A Row?

The Basic Rules

  • The rolling 3D mechanism is really straightforward. Your goal in this game is to steer a ball such that it travels as far as it can. Your ball will move on its own. Just find your ball by navigating. Along the hills, there are a lot of finish lines. To advance to the following level, try to cross the finish line. Your level rises as you go further. Additionally, your grade will increase. Gain as many points as you can.
  • This game never ends. The level rises as you travel further. The upper level, however, has a higher degree of difficulty. In particular, the ball's speed will steadily grow and there will be an increasing number of challenging hazards and risks.

Power-ups and Skins

  • Use the three power-ups this game affords you to your advantage as the game goes on.
  • The first one is a shield that guards you against dangerous dangers. Second, employ magnets to draw in all gems found along the way. Diamonds may be collected without having to travel from side to side. Thirdly, use a power-up that increases your diamond total by two by activating it. Spend your earned diamonds at the store to get extra power-ups. However, you should only utilize power-ups responsibly. Ensure that you always have power-ups available.
  • Numerous different types of balls, including basketballs, tennis balls, soccer balls, baseballs, beach balls, pool balls, and more, are sold at a store. Each skin has a unique pattern and shade. Spend your earned diamonds on your preferred ball.

How to control

  • To go to the right, press the right arrow key.
  • To go to the left, press the left arrow key.