About Run 3


Run 3 is an alien control game through endless space. Run 3 is the third game in the Run series, which was developed by Joseph Cloutier.

There are numerous game modes available when playing Run 3, including exploring mode and unlimited mode. Infinite mode allows you to practice using the arrow keys in an unlimited form while Explore mode allows you to advance through the levels.

You can explore endless mode in Run 3 world. While exploring the stages in explore mode, infinite mode lets you test your skills in an unlimited version with the arrow keys. This is really the best running and jumping game I have ever played


  • There are no restrictions on how far you can race along walls or climb over obstacles to help with gameplay.
  • Discover new alien beings with improved abilities to help you survive.
  • A cartoon motif coupled with 3D gaming produces unique images.
  • The game's simple controls make it simple to learn and fun to play.
  • This Run 3 is using html5, so you do not download or install any things to play.

How to controls

  • SPACE or UP Arrow = Jump
  • A or LEFT Arrow = Left
  • D or RIGHT Arrow = Right