About Moto X3M 4 Winter


Moto X3M 4 Winter is a thrilling winter bike racing simulation game. It's cold outside and you have to drive your two-wheeler through dangerous tracks.

Welcome to the Moto X3M 4 Winter winter special of this awesome bike stunt game. Try to reach the finish line alive as you maneuver your two-wheeler through treacherous tracks filled with deadly traps, ramps, explosives, and obstacles. This will help you establish yourself as a professional rider. A fantastic bike racing game with 22 entertaining and difficult levels. You can upgrade to Santa and his crappy motor scooter once you earn enough stars! You can check out some of our other games like Talking Tom Gold Run, Ladder Race 3D, and Money Rush.

How to play

Start the race on the snow-covered, mountainous downhills. Select the appropriate racing strategies to prevent collisions with various obstacles. Gain points by performing cool tricks on your motorcycle. Three stars will be awarded for the successful lap. Likewise, for each lap you complete. Use the stars you earned to purchase new tools. You can purchase brand-new quad bikes, racing bike models, or even a bike for Santa Claus.


  • Spacebar = Respawn at the last checkpoint
  • Arrows = Drive / Balance